TPMS Sensors


Finally, a true 2 sensor TPMS solution.  For years, tire stores have asked for a simple solution to solve stocking and servicing over 200 OE TPMS sensors in use.  These blank sensors, combined with our 17-144 Smart Sensor Pro+ Programming tool which holds sensor protocols for over 90% of all sensors on the road today, are the what make our system so simple and so complete.  Programmable sensors are the final technological development tire stores have been so anxious to see.  We are finally at what we call the “Final TPMS Solution”.  These sensors are not simply OE replacement sensors, they are in fact upgrades to the OE sensor. From military spec batteries, adjustable valve stems to the ability to re-program, these are all features not found in OE sensors.

17-43013 315mhz Smart Sensor
All 17-43013 Sensors are Green in color, and all packaging (Both Unit Box and Inner Pack) have green themes for easy identification.

17-43014 433mhz Smart Sensor
All 17-43014 Sensors are Brown in color, and all packaging (Both Unit Box and Inner Pack) have brown themes for easy identification.

17-43019 Aluminum Replacement Stem

17-43018 Black Replacement Stem

You asked for it…. A rubber snap sensor solution.  We designed a light weight sensor housing that fits all our tools and new programming modules.  It has all the same features as our metal clamp in sensors.

17-43011 315mhz Snap In Smart Sensor

All 17-43011 Sensors are green in color, and all packaging (Both Unit Box and Inner Pack) have green themes for easy identification.

17-43012 433mhz Snap In Smart Sensor

All 17-43012 are Brown in color, and all packaging (Both Unit Box and Inner Pack) have Brown themes for easy identification.

17-43016 Snap In Replacement Stem


  • Our Sensors Use Same Industry Std. IC  As Most OE’s.  An IC is a Integrated Circuit That Contains Standard Chip Set.
  • ISO 9000 Factory
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Upgraded military spec battery
  • Identical form & function as OE
  • Use same reliable OE standard of single protocol in sensor.
  • Meets or exceeds all OE standards
  • One of the only programmable sensors that uses upgrade high pressure ic. 130psi
  • Variable stem angle – fits most wheels
  • Programmed sensors can be scanned and triggered by most popular tools. Ateq, Bartec, Schrader, etc.
  • Sensors can be re-programmed

Frequent Questions:

  • Can you re-program a sensor ? A: Yes, insert previously programmed sensor in tool, select new vehicle, and existing protocol and sensor id are erased, then the new protocol and sensor id are written to sensor.
  • Can you re-program a sensor that is installed without removing sensor ? A: No, Sensors must be put into tool for programming, you can not program through a tire.
  • My truck has 92psi high pressure tires, other aftermarket sensors don’t work ? A: We use a special upgrade ic in our sensors, with a rating of 130psi. Others use low pressure ic with is only rated at 65psi, and they simply blow up.
  • What is advantage of a single protocol sensors? A: There is a reason, that OE’s like GM don’t make one sensor with multiple protocols for all their different models.  Multiple protocol sensors like iORO and VDO, are far less reliable due to multiple protocols confusing the vehicles ECU.

The 17-144 Smart Sensor Pro+ Programming/Scanning tool adds electronics and a port for use with our 17-144-2 OBDII module. This gives extra value to our customers who are looking for a full featured TPMS tool with OBDII relearn capabilities.  The module is not required for normal sensor program functions. This TPMS sensor programmer and TPMS ReLearn Tool is the key to our “Simple TPMS Solution”.  It is pound of pound, dollar for dollar, the best value in the TPMS industry.  It is so simple, it only has 6 half pages of instructions.  If we hear one thing over and over, it is that everyone understands how simple it is for shop employees.  The magic of our 2 sensor programmable TPMS solution, is the ability to clone OE sensors, and when re-installed in the same tire position as OE, you never have to perform ReLearn procedure.  Just Drive Off… How simple is that!

17-144 Smart Sensor Pro+ Programming/Scanning Tool